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  • Double Wide Mobile Homes

    When you are looking to buy a double wide home, you will find that the floor plans are flexible and that many of the home's features can be customized to your preference. Full Story »

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    The Most Space For The Best Price

    For some people, the idea of owning their own home mortgage free is an impossibility. These people think they will be paying house payments on their home until they die. If those people knew about used double wide mobile homes they might have a little more hope for the future. Full Story »

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    Finding A High Quality Double Wide Home

    Finding a high quality double wide home that fits your need will contribute to your satisfaction living in one of these residences long term. In order to get the most out of your experience living in a double wide home, here are some of the features associated with the best built double wide homes.   Full Story »

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Double Wide Home In Log Cabin Form »

For families, retirees, and anyone wanting to get into a home at a low price, log cabin double wide homes have become a popular choice for people everywhere. If you have ever thought about making the jump from your apartment or other housing situation into a double wide home, here is what you need to know about double wide homes that look like log cabins.   Full Story »